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Short Sales continue

Posted by Connie Gohata on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Under: Short Sales
Banks, you would think, have had enough time to figure out how to staff up their short sales divisions to make a transaction go through faster and smoother.  This is not the case.

Buyers and Sellers are still waiting an inordinate amount of time to get the OK to even start their transaction.  The banks still have to find the file underneath the other files when you call.  They are still losing paperwork and you have to send the 50-75 pages via fax again and again. 

You call and speak to someone and then you call again later and speak to someone else.  The second someone has no record of you calling before.  Then all the points and issues you talked to person number one about are not in the file that person number two is looking at on their computer.  So you hang up and call back to speak to a third person (that is after a 40 minute wait on hold.)

Realtors don't have time to wait on hold.  Well, at least I don't.  I would much rather give that job to a third-party negotiator who can cut through a lot of red tape.  It costs some money, but in the end - there is an end, a close of escrow.

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